Emergency Rental Assistance Program- Landlord Portal

Yardi Rent Relief is the software provider for BCACHA’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Yardi has made it easier for applicants and landlords to apply because everything is online in one place. You will be able to start and submit application, and check your application progress all in the portal.

Registration begins with one single person registering as the Initial Admin for the entire property management company (or other organization that would be setting up multiple landlord users). Other users can be added later into the registration process, but only one landlord user can do the initial registration. This should be the person who will log into the portal most frequently and oversee all information within it. The initial admin landlord does not need to be the owner.

Registering for the Site

If your tenant submits an application and enters your contact information, you will receive an invitation to register for the site and complete the landlord portion of the application. If you have already registered, you will still need to log in and accept the invitation and follow the application steps for that applicant (connect to a property, upload a rent ledger or amount due statement) and follow through to the Submit tab to Sign and Submit.

Payment Methods

ACH: Direct deposit is highly recommended to ensure you don’t experience any delays in receiving rental assistance payments. If you’ve selected payment via ACH, you will see payment in only a few days.

Check: Checks require additional processing time and must be mailed to the entity/address listed on the W9. If the information you enter on the W9 and/or the Rent Relief portal is incorrect, your payment will be delayed. Checks are sent directly from Rent Relief and are subject to USPS delivery delays.

*Due to Postal Services delays, we highly encourage selecting ACH to ensure payment is received promptly. Current mail delivery times are ranging between 10-20 days*

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